About Us

Piquitas was born amidst the pandemic. Initially I wanted to create gluten-free handmade playdough for children with differing needs. I spent months and months looking for the perfect recipe. At the time, I thought  this small business would be my mom (the Playdough Grandma) doing her magic making playdough, and me helping while doing academic research and facilitating storytelling workshops with non-profit organizations. But the pandemic happened, and we all started rethinking our place in the world as events evolved. 

We all found ourselves in a world for which we were not trained for – regardless of place of birth, race or preferences. We were forced to revisit ways of communicating and many of us realized it was the time to raise our voice and claim spaces that for years were seized. People started to have a better understanding of the significance language has in their day-to-day lives and use it to address changes. 

Now, Piquitas is so much more than playdough. Piquitas is about art and community, decolonizing learning, accessibility and freedom.

Our product-line is expanding to encompass more of our why.

Piquitas is giving life to learning through storytelling.

We’re so excited to have you join us on this journey.

Piquitas is a safe space where all are welcome.
The story of our name

When our Piquita was born, we were not prepared. We found out the day he was born that he had Down syndrome. He was in Panama. I, the crazy aunt "Horten," was in Houston, unable to be with him as I was heavily pregnant with Baby V. I did what I knew best—research! I contacted all the organizations I could find and arranged meetings for my sister. 
The first meetings were atrocious, to say the least. My sister and brother-in-law heard time after time not to get their hopes too high, he is abnormal, he won’t talk, walk, or eat. Such statements also came from parents of kids with special needs. We couldn’t believe it. It didn’t matter to us. We loved him and wanted to do what was best for him. 
All of us soon stopped searching for guidance or listening to other people’s beliefs on what our little Piquita would be capable of. Instead, we decided to put our hearts and souls into giving him the necessary resources to be a happy and healthy human being capable of reaching his potential to the fullest with no restrictions.
Today, our wonderful Piquita is a healthy and happy boy who has reached all the milestones many said a child with Down syndrome could not. We believe that, with adequate support, all children can achieve great things. 
With this idea in mind, we asked ourselves: aren’t all children in the world just like our little boy? Don’t they need to be given the tools to be happy and healthy human beings? To reach their potential to the fullest no matter what that is? Answering these questions led us to the name Piquitas.
Piquitas means children, every single one of those perfect tiny humans that, no matter their condition, gender, sex, preferences, religions, age, and race deserve to be loved and helped to reach their greatest potential without the limitations imposed by any social restriction.