What ingredients are in Piquitas playdough?
Our ingredients include flour, salt, cream of tartar, almond oil, and plant-based dyes, including pitaya fruit, spirulina, curcumin, paprika, beet, hibiscus, and charcoal. All our scents are food-grade to guarantee all ingredients are taste-safe. Remember, playdough contains high levels of salt and is a chocking hazard.
Supervision is always required.
We offer special playdough that contains biodegradable glitter. made from non-GMO, sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees with the same reflective properties as conventional glitter without a negative environmental impact. Although non-toxic and safe, bio-glitter is NOT a food stuff and therefore not intended for consumption.
My child has allergies. Is Piquitas playdough safe?
We process and package our dough in a Nut-Free environment with Nut-Free ingredients. We offer Gluten-Free playdough for little ones with special needs (be  sure you select this option when ordering). If an allergic reaction or skin irritation occurs, please discontinue use and seek immediate medical attention.
Remember to read and follow the label.
How long does Piquitas Playdough last?
Our playdough can last between 3-6 months with proper care. We recommend playing on a clean, dry surface and storing your playdough in the container provided. If any drying occurs, a few drops of water will bring your playdough back to life! Discard if you notice any mold on your dough.
How much playdough is in a standard order?
Both our tins and bags come with 100g of playdough. Our bags were designed to hold new playdough refills.  These 100 g. bags are loved by parents interested in using their own containers as well as day homes, daycares, and early learning centers. To extend the shelf life of our product, we recommend placing the playdough in an airtight container after the bags have been opened.
What are the tins/bags made of?
Our tins are made of aluminum. Our bags are made of aluminum foil. Both bags and tins are printed with ecofriendly ink. All containers are food safe, FDA certified, and recyclable.
What’s in a Multisensory Storytelling Box?

Multisensory Storytelling boxes are curated stories and sensory resources to invite children to explore storytelling, learning, and playing using more than their sight and hearing by engaging with the material in more than one way.

We select a story and match it with resources that may include soft toys, costumes, language or math games, crafts, and all types of multisensory loose materials. We pair our stories with our own homemade scented playdough to enhance the development of early childhood literacy skills.

Storytelling boxes are both an invitation to learn and an invitation to play. The resources included in our boxes foster independent and creative play. At the same time, the use of the storytelling as a mean to explore language and literacy opens a space for children to talk about how they see and understand their world. 

Do I need to purchase extra boxes if I have more than one child?
Nope! We offer Siblings Kits for an additional cost.
What ages are Multisensory Storytelling Boxes designed for?
Boxes are primarily designed for children ages 3-7 in mind, yet kids of all ages enjoy participating. Reading aloud is valuable for children of all ages, even when they can read independently! Picture books contain more advanced sentence structure and rich vocabulary than most early chapter books.

Do you take custom orders?
Yes! We work with you in personalizing Piquitas playdough for your needs. Send a note to play@piquitas.ca to get started.
Any other questions? Email us at play@piquitas.ca, and we will answer them as soon as possible.