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When life gives you lemons … you make lemonade

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Gluten Free

“When Grandma gives you a lemon tree, definitely don’t make a face! Care for the tree, and you might be surprised at how new things, and new ideas, bloom.”

When life gives you lemons …

Invite your children to a journey of patience, hard work, nature and community building with this delightful story that has been paired with an invitation to make lemonade.

This set includes:

1x200g White Almond Playdough

1x200g Yellow Lemon Playdough

1x200g Pinkish Raspberry Playdough

1x200g Green Lime Playdough

Loose parts:

Wooden lemon/limes slices, mini paper colored straws, mini umbrellas, wooden cups, rolling pin, and mini blackboard with stand.

Book: When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree

Got the book? No problem, only order the loose parts and playdough!

Gluten-free playdough: Make sure you select between wheat/gluten-free when placing your order.

Sibling Add-On option: For an additional cost, you can add on the playdough and loose parts for this storytelling kit. No need to buy an additional book for each one of your children.


About our playdough:

Our playdough is made with natural, food-grade, non-toxic ingredients. All our scents are natural and food-grade to guarantee all ingredients are taste-safe, but remember PLAYDOUGH IS NOT EDIBLE!

Intended for children ages 3+ with adult supervision, playdough contains high levels of salt and is a choking hazard. Store the playdough in airtight containers and use it once a week to keep it fresh for 3+ months! If playdough is not used or stored properly, it might grow crystal or mold, especially with products like ours that are natural and have no preservatives.

If you buy our playdough in bags, make sure to transfer it to an airtight container within a week of receiving it to maximize shelf life.

Our tins are made of aluminum, and our bags are made of aluminum foil. Both bags and tins are printed with eco-friendly ink. All containers are food safe and FDA certified. Our tins are reusable and recyclable. Our bags are recyclable.


Colors may vary and may not look exactly like the image.
Items may vary slightly from kit to kit and will not exactly match the pictures.

Product ships between 5-7 days after placing your order.